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For years I’ve called Gloria “Mustang.” Not a reference to the sports car, but a referral to the quick, charging horse of America’s great open plains. Like a mustang, she will take her own lead, heedless of where anybody else thinks she should go or what she should be. She thrills to adventure and loves everything about the universe God made. She believes that the highest purpose in life is to love and be loved.

I’ve known Gloria Ponziano for more than thirty years and can attest that she is a highly gifted communicator and author who’s enthusiasm for all things spiritual is contagious. And she has lived most of what she shares. Wait, let me say that better: Gloria has been dragged, kicked, led, loved, and sustained down every lonely mile of the road she’s traveled, so when she says something works or something is necessary, she is living proof of that truth. She is a speaker with compelling insight, clarity and wisdom who will command the attention of any audience she stands before. I encourage you to get to know Gloria Ponziano and then be prepared to have the windows of your soul thrown wide open!

Pastor James Woods, Aurora, Illinois