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BA in Communications, Ordained Minister, Certified Life Coach, Certified Astrologer, Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach. 

My Life's Passion & Purpose is to help people connect with the Divine (God, Spirit).

After being in ministry several years I became enamored with Astrology & the story of the Magi who came to worship Jesus. This eventually led to more education & a certification in Astrology, more than 25 years ago. 

Since my children were little, I had always had "affirmation" cards around the house as a way of teaching my family Spiritual Truths, so it was a natural progression that I would eventually begin using Oracle Cards to minister to the needs of others.  

Merging a Lifetime of study, education and my deep appreciation for astrology and oracle cards a 'ministry' was born.  

Whether you need Spiritual Guidance, Astrology direction or a 7 Card Wisdom Reading, you WILL be uplifted, enlightened and blessed. 


What To Expect

The thing my clients love the most is how convenient my services are. You never need to leave your home to have Life Coaching (phone), Astrology services (emailed or Zoom Consultation) or a Wisdom Card Reading sent to you via FB Messenger. 

Here's how get a Wisdom Reading:

Purchase your Reading or Order, Send me a Friend Invite on FB Messenger, Give me your 7 numbers, I will video the shuffle of cards & send them in FB. Then I will audio record my reading and send that through messenger as well.  THEN listen when it's convenient for you!  Its THAT simple!

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For info on HORMONE TESTING: email me

What Others are Saying about Gloria

Elizabeth Threlkeld White

Gloria does the most incredible and unique readings.  I'm now a regular client, basking in her enthusiasm, insight and passion for readings and a genuine love for what she does.  Everyone should treat themselves  to a reading by Gloria.  Her connection to Spirit is so strong, along with her vast and expansive knowledge.  You owe it to yourself to get one! xoxo

Rochelle Dafnis

What an incredible, precise and detailed reading!  Much more than I expected.  It was so amazing and accurate that I've referred at lease 5 other people to her.  Every one of them raved about their reading too. She was able to predict something was going to happen and IT DID!  Mind Blown! I will be doing more in the future!

Amanda George Domingo

As if I needed ANY more validation on certain topics, my reading with Gloria solidified it ONCE again!  It was SPOT ON!  The best part is I know it was delivered from the highest and most dependable "vibration" amongst us...the Holy Spirit!  If you are on the fence, lean on faith and just jump! She's amazing and I will be using her in the future and recommending her to all my friends!

Kris Wareham Price

Talk about SPOT ON!!!!  I highly recommend Readings by Gloria! You won't be disappointed and will be amazed how 'Spirit' comes through her readings!!

Tracy Miller

I'm a natural skeptic; I believe nothing until it's proven to me and I can say with confidence - GLORIA IS THE REAL DEAL!!!  The reading she did for me literally brought me to tears because it hit home so well.  I was so impressed that  I had her read for both my teenage daughters and they both said she was "SPOT ON".  The Wisdom she imparts has helped me in my daily life and I am grateful.  If you are on the fence about her, don't be. She's been a blessing to us in MANY ways! 

Julie McHatton Mitan

Gloria is amazingly gifted and uses her gifts to help others.  I highly recommend her. I have had multiple readings as well as 'gifted' readings to many friends. Every reading I walk away with positive guidance and insight. 


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